Privacy, Mountain Views, Horses, Dog Friendly, Trees, Country Home, Open Space, Pastoral Views, City Lights, Open Space, Parks & Trails, Balconies, Porches, Decks, Outdoor Living Spaces, Water Features, Horses, Barns, Shops, Beautiful Kitchens, Dining with a Fireplace, Romantic Master Bedroom, A Backyard Sanctuary, A Neighborhood Village, Dog Friendly, Play Spaces, Home...

If the Above is Anything Like What You're About

Then You Probably "Get" This:

A Home For Life is Where Your Heart Can Grow, Your Love Can Spread, Your Spirit Cannot be Crushed by the Outside World, a Place to Share with Friends and Family, The Spaces you Want for That - Kitchens, Dining with Views and Ambiance, Porches, Balconies, Outdoor Living Spaces, Seating Areas that Invite Conversation, Entertain, Create Memories,  where you can Evolve at Will, Peace and Tranquility to Get to Your Core Being, a Master Bedroom as a Romantic Other World, A Retreat When You're in Need, Where You Can Recharge, Restful Sleep. Safety and Comfort for Your Children with Room for Them to Grow and Learn and Get to Know Earth more than Concrete, Generous, Thoughtful, Giving Neighborhoods. A Space to Stare Into Space, or From a Balcony, Deck, or Porch Gaze into the Forest, Take in the Majesty of the Mountains, or Your Own Backyard Creation. Have Your Flowers, Your Garden, Your Dream Shop for Your Wood Shop, At-Home Business or Car Collection, Your Flowing Fountain and Water Lilies (Yes! in Colorado!) Your Dear Friend Dogs, Your Rescue Programs, Your Greenhouse, Your Horses, Llamas, Alpacas, Yaks, Chickens and Kittens... Your Safe Haven... These Wonderful Places I Help People Find, Buy, and Sell - Colorado Homes For Life!

And That's Pretty Much What I'm About.

Have a GREAT Day!

Sherry Anderson, Realtor


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